Vision & Values

IonianStone Philosophy

Ionianstone’s vision is guided by essential principles that reflect our commitment to quality, services and work ethics that extend throughout the territory in which we belong. We value a correct behavior towards our guests, our partners & other companies, the local community, cultural and natural environment.

Personalized services

Hospitality: We place guests at the heart of our efforts to make them feel welcome, valued, and at home. We strive to establish a connection with our guests by meeting their every need and exceeding their expectations. At the same time, we protect the sanctuary of the holiday experience and the guests’ privacy.

Quality: We are committed to delivering a safe, high-standard, tailored hospitality experience, ensuring that every stay caters to the guest’s preferences and needs and that every aspect of the accommodation & services reflect our quality a& aesthetic standards.  

Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Vision & Values
Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Vision & Values


We are dedicated to promoting a culture of social and environmental responsibility, implementing sustainable practices that respect the environment and the local community. We engage and give back to the local community, through partnerships that promote local culture, artisans, and traditions.

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and organic fibers offers a symbiotic practice between the indigenous construction techniques of the past and the contemporary sustainable construction processes. We embrace environmentally-friendly practices, being socially responsible, and promoting sustainable luxury in every aspect of our operation.


We act with respect, honesty & integrity. Each collaborator is important to us and therefore the healthiness of the workplace and the quality of life of each of them are fundamental. We believe that the human relationship is the added value of a shared project and for this reason we are committed to creating a serene and inclusive work environment. Our team is made up of selected personel and partners  to whom we dedicate the utmost attention.

Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Vision & Values
Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Villa Ode


We strive to be consistent with our beliefs and philosophy. We make our choices without commercial constraints, because we only answer to those who have always trusted our modus operandi. For us, the freedom to choose is a fundamental value that allows us to be consistent with our philosophy and to produce authentic and high-quality services.