Corfu's Nature Unveiled

Ionianstone Estate, a fusion of stone and marble, hosts your epic summer memories in nature. Comprising two distinct luxury villas, it offers the privacy of a Corfu home with round-the-clock 5-star services. Each villa is a haven for slow, mindful summer living, encouraging connections with loved ones and nature. Here, form follows emotion, turning every space into a sanctuary for rest, reflection, and exploration. We welcome you not just as guests but as future friends.

Villa Aether

Face-to-Face with Infinity

Villa Aether, deriving its name from ‘Aether’ or quintessence, is designed for an exclusive escape where tranquility meets intimacy. It invites you to a world where the universe’s boundless energy meets personal serenity.

Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Accommodation
Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Accommodation

Villa Ode

Ode to Living With Nature

Named after ‘Ode’, the ancient Greek lyrical poem, Villa Ode is an oasis of calm. It melds sophisticated, minimal design with a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, intellectually and emotionally celebrating nature.

The Ionianstone Estate

Unite in Luxury

Booking both Villa Aether and Villa Ode offers an unparalleled estate experience. Combining the tranquility of Aether with the natural harmony of Ode, the estate becomes a vast sanctuary. Here, luxury, privacy, and nature blend to create an unforgettable collective retreat, ideal for larger groups seeking a unified yet diverse experience in the heart of Corfu.

Ionian Stone Luxury Villas in Corfu - Accommodation